About Us

Our mission is to bring you a list with the top 10 adventures you can do at La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano, these highlight tours where selected based on our rigurous evaluations

More than tours, we bring you life experiences, unforgetable moments enjoyed at one of the most visited placed in the world, Costa Rica and its amazing Arenal Volcano. We are tourism profesionals, and so, we know adventures we plan to do by ourselves or with people we love, cannot be booked lightly ,because we can be involved in awkward situations that go against our enjoyment.

In arenaltop10.com we want the money invested in your vacations to guarantee; fun, relaxation, security, responsibility and a degree of satisfaction beyond what is expected.

Our Evaluation

Our evaluation is splitted in two parts one responsible of testing the tour or service and another in charge of evaluating the company or provider. Both come together to calculate an score that shows us if this tour deserves to be on our list of Arenal Top 10 Tours.       

Manager Didier AlfaroManagers Diploma in ecotourism services and activities ETAI

Our Secret Agents

We want to make sure our evaluations are applied under the most real way. That's why we do surprise visits to the tour operators, the information we get is processed by a staff of tourism profesionals and consultants who have licenses or academic degrees to evaluate an specific tour.

Manager Didier Alfaro
Diploma in ecotourism services and activities ETAI